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Culture at Inogen

Create Trust: Do what you say you will do

Trust is created through our experiences when we communicate with candor and follow through on the expectations we have set.

Inspire Initiative: Encourage by acting

Actions often speak louder than words. We encourage all associates to explore new ways of accomplishing work, tackle challenges, make improvements, and actively support others to advance our mission.

Achieve Together: Work effectively with others

Our success as an organization is rooted in what we can achieve together. Seeking to understand and engage each other means sometimes you will lead, sometimes you will follow, and at other times you may just be the person to help remove obstacles for others to be successful– but we will always move forward together.

Invite Diversity: Invite and listen

We each actively invite others to contribute ideas and listen with an intent to understand before being understood.


Treat People Right: showing respect, kindness, and consideration towards others – offering support and assistance where needed and valuing the contributions and perspectives of others is critical to having a work environment where you feel safe to show up, learn, contribute, and share your ideas.
Do What Is Right: acting in a manner that is consistent with the cultural pillars and ethical standards of Inogen, acting with integrity and honesty in all interactions, and following compliance standards are all part of building trust and credibility with each other, our patients, and customers.